Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nov 14-21

Hey - Here's my update for the week of November 14th. I'm going to be doing some Vlogging soon, too. Click the FOLLOW link to the left to follow my Blog.

Sunday - 14th: Today is my dad's birthday!

Mom, Trent, Dad, Tiffany, Tiger (Cat), Tevin

Monday - 15th:  I spent the day recording in Santa Monica! 

Olivia Mitchell posted her video, "Hello Hollywood." I met up with her last week at USC and was able to be in her music video!

Me, Olivia, and Carry (Videotographer) - USC Campus

"Hello Hollywood"

Wednesday - 17th: Vocal lesson today in Studio City.

Thursday -18th: Waited in line all day at Cinemark (starting at 1:00 PM) for the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. I love all the Harry Potter movies.

Emma Watson in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1'

Friday - 19th: Posted a video on YouTube today of bloopers of me and Christina Grimme the night we were recording "Break Your Heart" by Taio Cruz. When I went on a trip to New York last March, my family saw Lion King at a Sunday matinee  After the play, we drove to where Christina lives and it was about a 3 hour trip. We didn't get there until about 11pm at night. It was the only night we could get together before I had to fly home to California. It was super fun meeting her (and her family), and singing with her. We were so tired. It really takes longer than you think to post a good take of a video!

Saturday - 20th: Play practice for "Guys and Dolls." Hanging out with friends tonight.

I saw this really pretty full rainbow driving down my street on the way to play practice. (See the birds?) I love the rain!

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  1. Have you always lived in LA? For a long time after starting to watch your videos, I didn't even think you would live in California. You just didn't seem like someone from there :D

  2. Yes, I was born and raised in California.

  3. I'm gonna see the "Harry Potter 7" on Wednesday :D

  4. Hey! I'm Niki from Germany and I love, love, love your music! I think you are very talented and I'm sure you'll be a world-star...:)
    I play the guitar and sing too and I hope I'll meet you some day:)
    I followed you on youtube since you sang "Jump then fall" by Taylor Swift and I really like your new cover "King of anything". It's awesome!! Keep singing forever!!
    With love, Niki

  5. When will you put up your other original songs such as "Never been better","unforgettable","whatever you do" on Youtube. Just heard them on your facebbok site. They are incredible. Dying to see their music videos!

  6. "Whatever You Do" is the song I entered in the TopBlip contest (I changed the name from Flirtatious Irresistible) and it is on my YouTube site. "Never Been Better" and "Unforgettable" are songs I recorded with RAWsession. I was told that "Unforgettable" will be released today on my VEVO site ( and "Never Been Better" should be released next Monday. Tje date lee[s getting pushed back for some reason. Originally it was set for Nov. 4th.

  7. Noticing that you saw the new Harry Potter movie (i did too), have you read any of the books? I absolutely love them! Also, happy birthday to your Dad. :)

  8. are you a triplet or thats a video effect?

  9. ummm are you Mormon?

  10. love your voice tiffany,keep it up
    from Malaysia

  11. Hi Tiffany!
    I'm too from germany and I found you at the internet the last days because I want to do a presentation for school. I looked for new stars from the usa and I saw you. You sing very nice and I think you are a little star. But I have a problem: I not find enough infos about you. Can you give me which, please? I need them! But I have a favor to ask you: Please write in British English,other than that I don't understand you. Please write me, I need you!!!
    incidentally : I'm 12 years old and I have a little sister. My favorite song of you is change, I love him!

  12. hey tiffany you totally rock!!!! i love your songs.i would love if you had a concert in our city, MUMBAI. all of my friends love your singing. the last day we all were wishing that you could have a concert in our city and we all were gonna come.can you pls try to have a concert in Mumbai,india?

  13. You were on MyMusic presents!

  14. Oh my gosh!!!! Tiffany u r AMAZING!!!!!!