Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nov 7-13

I had such a GREAT Week!

Saturday (Nov 6th): I posted a cover of "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles on YouTube.

Sunday - Nov 7th: I enjoyed the weekend at the Taxi Road Rally in Los Angeles. I learned so much and it was fun speaking on the panel, "How to Build a Buzz in the Music Industry."

I was able to meet Olivia Mitchell in person at the Rally. She is a long time friend from YouTube back when we both first started out. She is from North Carolina and is now here in California attending USC.

November 7th was also my brother's 19th birthday. We are 13 months apart in age and we have always been good friends. He used to play dollhouse with me and I used to play Hot Wheels with him.  :)

Monday Nov 9th: I went to my vocal lesson and worked on a song for my album with Jan Linder Koda at Angel Diva Music. I'll be in the studio on Monday, November 15th, in Santa Monica to start recording. Awesome!

Wednesday Nov 10: I met with two very talented musicians and producers that I will hopefully start working with to produce 3 or 4 more songs for my album!

Wednesday evening I met up with Kurt Schneider during his visit here to California. We met at The Grove LA and had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. He is amazing and such a nice guy.

Friday Nov 12th: I went to USC and I was in a music video that Olivia Mitchell is filming for her YouTube channel for one of her original songs. It was lots of fun! Olivia's Channel

Saturday - Nov 13th: Rehearsal for Guys and Dolls and then friends from the cast went to see Megamind tonight!


  1. Love love love your music and how you do all these things. Your youtube channel is gorgeous - I love watching all your videos and stuff.

  2. i love your music it is the best i have ever heard i cant believe how good you are happy thanksgiving