Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nov 29-Dec 5

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Monday - Nov 29th: (Tahoe Trip) Family time in our lodge and then we went sledding in the afternoon.

Tuesday - Nov 30th: More family time at the lodge and then we went into town and saw the movie "The Next Three Days."

Ice Skating rink in Heavenly Village

This bear is a little bare for winter! Ha-ha!

Wednesday - Dec 1st: BEST day!!! Snowboarding all day at Heavenly! No crowds and perfect weather!

Thursday - Dec 2nd: Fun relaxing day in Tahoe.

Friday - Dec 3rd: Time to check out and head for home. Wow, this week went by too fast!

South Lake Tahoe in the background

Saturday - Dec 4th: Play practice today for Guys and Dolls. Started packing for a trip to Atlanta TOMORROW! Producer there wants me to do a showcase.

Sunday - Dec 5th: Flew to Atlanta, GA with my parents.


  1. i Love your voice!!!! looks like your having fun!!!

  2. I LOVE the Song Possibility!!! and Heartbreak :)Hi!